I am building this Spa Academy to help less fortunate people in their live with my Knowledge and Experience that GOD given to me as I am also born from the bottom and always Thank to GOD for all that I have today with my hard work and always willing to learn and ready for the challenge .

My family always support me in every way that I need to do and I am always giving my responsibility to show that all my decision I know and I have to do it with all my attention . Become until today its quite a lot of process and on that process its hard and has to take a long breath , patient and smile . Profession as a Spa Therapist is not like other profession due in Bali or Indonesia people still think which is that profession is look like NOT good because our activity is handle people in the room and mostly one by one only if their have twin massage will be handle by two therapist. Local community who never doing treatment or massage and doesn’t has any information regarding this profession has a negative thinking and NOT allowed their family to do this profession .

I am glad to have family always support me but I am showing that I know my choice will be entering to be a professional Therapist .

it is not easy to involve people to trust them to do this job because their are many info regarding this job are not good and  Today’s massage and spa therapy is a profession that is growing in Indonesia and around the world, especially in the business Spa industry.
And problems in facing right now is lack of skill or ability which is owned by the prospective job seekers, mainly in the field of company Spa. Whether work in Spa or alone, this could be one of the most valuable areas of study available at this time.

Career opportunities increase as more people discover the value of professional spa therapists. Graduates of the BSSA (Saraswati Bali Spa Academy) can expect to work in the spa industry, Cruise line or work for him / herself in private practice.

BSSA (Saraswati Bali Spa Academy) has a goal to educate and train students to become a professional massage therapist to get a job in the emerging markets of the healthcare industry. In keeping with this goal we developed a training program that provides the skills and knowledge to recognize and respond to the needs of spa clients and meets international standards and professional spa.