Hello, my name is Wita and I am the founder of BSSA. I built this training facility to benefit people like myself, who may have been born in less fortunate circumstances. I believe coming from a poor family should not limit one’s career potential. Working as a massage therapist has provided me with a wonderful, balanced life, and I believe it could have the same effect on others. If you enjoy working with the body and have an ambition for a safe, rewarding, and well-paid career, I wholeheartedly recommend entering the spa industry. And, I’m here to help make that happen.

I of course could never have built this business alone. I would like to thank my family for standing by me in the face of many challenges. If there was one lesson they imparted to me I could share, it would be to take a deep breath, be patient, and always smile. I realize now how much hard work and determination it takes to build a dream. I would also like to thank the dedicated staff and instructors that make our school exceptional.

As a professional, I am also determined to fight the stigma around massage, being taboo or unclean. Massage has for centuries been an important pillar of any well-respected holistic medical tradition. One way we combat this false notion is by training our students with honour, respect, and dignity. For this reason and many others, I believe BSSA is the greatest spa academy in Bali and beyond.